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Sean heads up the planning and project conceptualization/implementation arm of MICRO Boutique Living. Prior to moving into the private realm, Sean enjoyed over 20 years in Municipal Government playing a wide variety of roles including: Planning Technician / Development Officer, Heritage Officer, Building Inspector, Senior Planner and, finally, Department Head.

With an educational background in engineering, architecture and urban planning, together with his experience on the development side of municipal government and a new focus on placemaking, Sean brings a creative, holistic and yet pragmatic perspective to any project he tackles.

Sean is committed to making desirable, vibrant places of medium to high density in walkable neighbourhoods as he feels that not only does this enhance community, but it also leads to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

As a side enterprise through his years in government, Sean designed a range of vernacular, residential and mixed use buildings.

During off-times, when not traveling, hiking or sailing with his family, Sean runs a small, non-profit sail and paddle club on the warm waters of Nova Scotia’s north shore..


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