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Chris Galea is the entrepreneurial Founder and President of Micro Boutique Living. He developed the concept of living in small but high design, high efficiency spaces in the course of visiting over 50 countries and during many hours spent on his 30ft sailboat.

Chris was a professor of Business Administration for over 25 years and taught in universities across Canada. His focus was on sustainable development and has published a number of books on the subject. In 2013 he resigned his tenured position to focus exclusively on Micro Boutique Living.

Prior to his academic career Chris had started a number of entrepreneurial ventures ranging from the food and catering world to the tourism and hospitality industry.

In addition to living and breathing ‘All Things Micro’ Chris is also a husband to Alyson Roberts, father to Martha and Norah, an avid reader and active outdoors person. He loves being on or near the ocean, tackling any hiking trail, playing winter beach volleyball and peddling fun, two-wheeled vehicles.


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